Welcome to Class 3

The year 3 and 4 children are taught in Class 3. They are taught by Mrs Eglin and Mrs Tate.

 Class Three  Spring Term  2017.

Maths begins with Place Value and an exploration of understanding of number and money. We will be practising calculation methods for all operations, (mental and written strategies) and applying these to one and two step problems. 

     Our English work this term is initially based around the story of Stig of the Dump and we will use this text to explore how authors write settings, characters and dialogue before developing these in our own writing. Non-fiction writing will be based around our History topic which covers the Stone Age through to the Bronze and Iron Age and continues up to the invasion of Celtic Britain by the Romans. We will also be applying a range of practical and creative art techniques to recreate the historical evidence available from the periods of our study. We will begin with cave paintings and end with Roman mosaics and architecture.

     In Science this term we shall be studying the human body with a focus on growth and movement. As part of our Computing curriculum we will be learning how to stay safe as we use ICT as well as developing our everyday use. P.E. will focus on invasion games (soccer, rugby, hockey, netball) and gymnastics. In R.E. our term will finish with the study of Easter and Class Three will lead our school Easter Service.

Mrs. Eglin & Mrs. Tate


P.E. kit

The children will need outdoor games kit, including trainers on Wednesdays and   Thursdays in the Spring term.